SMTOWNINA List of Performance



120920 SMTOWNINA List of Performance

FLAG CEREMONY: Yunho and Changmin, Siwon
1. Opening Song – Jonghyun, Changmin,
BoA, Luna, Yesung, Taeyeon, D.O, Chen

and Luhan
2. The Grace – One More Chance
3. Zhang LiYi
4. Chu Ga Yeoul – Vincent
5. f(x) – Pinocchi
6. f(x) – Hot Summer

Sehun: “Hello this is EXO-K’s maknae Sehun!” | 120419


This is EXO-K’s maknae Sehun! (Senshine!)

Everyone, you miss me right?… Haha

I also miss you guys a lot!!! @@

I’m not the only one missing you right… T.T

I really like meeting with everyone on stage!!

When I think of it…. I think it’s because we can have fun and communicate with each other~ hehe

Moreover there is always a lot of people who come to the prerecordings T.T ….. I am really really thankful!!

It is written at the back of my MAMA photocard but you have! to! go! with! us! un! til! the! end!!!

You really have to promise, pinky promise~ Done! Now you have to keep it~ hehe

You have to love EXO-K more more more more more more more more than you already do hehe

Last but not least !!!!!!!!!!!! See youuuuuuuu at the fansign~

Everyone ppuing ppuing♥

source: EXO-K’s Official Website
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Kai: “Hello everyone this is EXO-K’s Kkamjong Kai !” | 120418

Hello everyone this is EXO-K’s Kkamjong Kai !

After completing our performance for “The Show”, I’ve returned to the dorm and I am now writing a letter for everyone !

Today, a lot of fans came and worked hard to cheer for us so I was really thankful !

We really really gain a lot of strength thanks to the fans’ cheers! You’re going to like us more from now right?

Today, the seats were close to the scene and I liked it because we were able to communicate with the fans more hehe

We could see all the fans one by one and they enthusiastically supported us so I really liked it :p

Also there seems to be people curious about Jjanggu so I’m going to give you an explanation

As soon as I saw Jjangu I automatically said “From now on you’re Jjanggu!!” so that’s how it became his name

It’s a toy puddle and he’s a male

Jjanggu is 4 months younger than Monggu and he’s disobedient (T/N: The term he used litterally means tomboy so kfans kind of made fun of him because Jjanggu is a male)

Always being with our fans makes me really really happy!

Thanks to the people who follow us at the filming locations whenever we’re on stage and the ones who support us, I feel like I can go up on stage, dance and sing happily.

Please give even more love to EXO in the future~

I will make sure to always be a modest Kai ! Let’s be together forever~

source: EXO-K’s Official Website
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D.O : “Hello this is EXO-K’s D.O” | 120417

D.O : “Hello this is EXO-K’s D.O”

Hello! This is EXO-K’s D.O.

I am the fourth member to greet our fans.

It has only been a week since our first live performance

I am really thankful for all the concern you’ve shown.

We were really nervous when we came on stage for the first time

So we made a lot of mistakes and I am sorry we couldn’t show you a cool performance.

From now on, I promise we will show you a greater image. ♥

Please give EXO a lot of love.

Sincerely yours, D.O

source: EXO-K’s Official Website
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Chanyeol: “It’s EXO-K’s happy virus Chanyeol!” | 120416

Hello! It’s EXO-K’s happy virus Chanyeol!

One week after doing our first broadcast, we completed another music show round!

Because I’m so happy and thankful we’re already receiving so much attention and love I can’t stop moving!

We got to meet the fans through the 100 days promotion

Finally we get to see everyone for real through a music show

And since we could communicate with you up close through the fanmeeting and the birthday party I was really happy and delighted!

Even while writing this post I want to see you allㅠㅠ I miss you everyone!

We’re still lacking a lot in many areas but we will learn little by little and

We will show you an even better image by doing our best and practicing a lot!

And I will become modest and respectful Chanyeol who doesn’t lose his main goal!

I hope everyone can get happy while watching me!

Continue to give attention and love to us please!

I love you. Everyone!!!

It was EXO-K’s happy virus who has a lot of teeth, Chanyeol!

source: EXO-K’s Official Website
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Baekhyun: “Hello! It’s EXO-K’s talented Baekhyun!” | 120415

Hello! It’s EXO-K’s talented Baekhyun!

After our EXO-K leader! I’m leaving a message for all of our fans after our Suho hyung.

You waited for us during EXO’s 100 days of promotions

So I’m very thankful to the Korean fans, the foreign fans who supported us ! ^.^

During the promotion I really wanted to see all of the fansㅠㅠ ! I miss you ! ㅎㅎ

Last week, we started with Inkigayo and I was really happy I could see the fans upclose !

The supporting posts and the cheers.. We still think that we don’t deserve all of this.

But while thinking of this support and the cheers, without losing our main goal

With respect and modesty, I will become EXO’s Baekhyun who does his best !

Thanks a lot again to all of our fans and look after us please !

I really really really love you a lot lot lot >_<

Ah right ! Love very very much EXO-M too who are separated from us for a little while !

We are one !!!!!!

EXO ! Let’s love ! Bbyong bbyong!

source: EXO-K’s Official Website
translation cr; emilie @ exok-trans
please take out with full credits.

EXO-K’s Traffic Safety Song on Inkigayo Lyric

[백현] 졸음운전 음주운전 안 돼요
운전중 핸드폰 사용 안 돼요
[수호] 정지선 지켜요
신호를 지켜요
학교앞에서는 서행을 해야죠
[D.O] 안전벨트 착용은 모든 좌석 필수죠
운전중 DMB를 잠시 꺼두세요
[백현] 에코드라이브
급출발 급가속 급제동 안 돼요
[D.O] 우리 모두 함께 해봐요
안전한 교통을 위해서
[백현+D.O] 우리 모두 함께 해봐요
안전한 교통을 위해서
[수호] 교통안전 꼭 지켜요!
For you!
[Baekhyun] Joleum unjeon eumju unjeon an dwaeyo
Unjeonjung handeupon sayong an dwaeyo
[Suho] Jeongjiseon jikyeoyo
Shinhoreul jikyeoyo
Hagkyo apeseoneun seohaengeul haeyajyo
[D.O] Anjeonbelteu chagyongeun modeun jwaseok pilsujyo
Unjeonjung DMB-reul jamshi kkeoduseyo
[Baekhyun] Ecodeuraibeu
Keubchulbal keugasok keubjedong an dwaeyo
[D.O] Uri modu hamkke haebwayo
Anjeonhan gyotongeul wihaeseo
[Baekhyun+D.O] Uri modu hamkke haebwayo
Anjeonhan gyotongeul wihaeseo
[Suho] Gyotong anjeon kkok jikyeoyo!
For you!
[Baekhyun] You can’t doze off at the wheel nor drink drive
You can’t use your handphone while driving
[Suho] Observe the stop line
Observe the traffic signals
You have to slow down in front of schools
[D.O] You need to fasten your seat belt on every seat
Turn off the DMB for a moment while driving
[Baekhyun] Ecodrive
Don’t make a quick start, accelerate suddenly or suddenly press on your brakes
[D.O] Let’s try to do it all together
For a safe traffic
[Baekhyun+D.O] Let’s try to do it all together
For a safe traffic
[Suho] Make sure to respect traffic safety!
For you!