[TUTORIAL] WATCHING EXO-M’s ‘Exceptionally Unlike Another’ ONLINE

LIVE STREAM: This is a simple tutorial, made by exoling.tumblr.com, that explains, step by step, how you can watch the show online (live stream).

EXO-MExceptionally Unlike Another‘ (非常不一班) – two episodes will be aired on 13th July 9pm and 20th July 9pm CST (if unfamiliar with time zones: worldtimebuddy.com)

STEP 1. Go to http://www.jstv.com/


Posted Image

STEP 3. NOTE!> If you have already got Microsoft Sliverlight installed, then go straight to STEP 7. Otherwise start here. <NOTE!

Posted Image


STEP 4 and 5. Download and install Microsoft Silverlight

Posted Image

STEP 6. Go back to http://www.jstv.com to select ‘online streaming‘ (see image)

Posted Image

STEP 7. Click the 3rd button from the left,as shown below, to load up the right channel.

Posted Image

Credit: exoling.tumblr.com, source: 非常不一班江苏综艺 (Show official weibo) & 宁小公主 (One of the show directors weibo). Credit in full (which means all + CODE:EXO) if taking elsewhere, please.


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