Suho: “Hello it’s EXO-K’s leader! Suho!” | 120414


It’s EXO-K’s leader! Suho who’s protecting the members!!ㅎㅎ

So I’m the first one to leave a message to the fans like this..

I hope I will be able to show my sincerity to evey single fan.^^

To start, our first broadcast was on Inkigayo, then M!Countdown,

And now even for Music Bank I was really surprised and thrilled.

It hasn’t been long since we started promoting but

Seeing so much fans interested in us and loving us…

From the audience, making our performance shine even more„ thanks for cheering for us.

Getting strength from everyone’s support, we will repay everyone’s love by making better music and better performances.

Continue to love us EXO-K a lot!

We will become EXO-K that works hard and won’t forget all of the fans’ love!

It was EXO-K’s leader Suho~! I love you!

P.S I heard that these days the cold was really severe ㅠ_ㅜ Be careful of the cold!!!!! ㅎㅎ

source: EXO-K’s Official Website
translation cr; emilie @ exok-trans
please take out with full credits.


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