Kai: “Hello everyone this is EXO-K’s Kkamjong Kai !” | 120418

Hello everyone this is EXO-K’s Kkamjong Kai !

After completing our performance for “The Show”, I’ve returned to the dorm and I am now writing a letter for everyone !

Today, a lot of fans came and worked hard to cheer for us so I was really thankful !

We really really gain a lot of strength thanks to the fans’ cheers! You’re going to like us more from now right?

Today, the seats were close to the scene and I liked it because we were able to communicate with the fans more hehe

We could see all the fans one by one and they enthusiastically supported us so I really liked it :p

Also there seems to be people curious about Jjanggu so I’m going to give you an explanation

As soon as I saw Jjangu I automatically said “From now on you’re Jjanggu!!” so that’s how it became his name

It’s a toy puddle and he’s a male

Jjanggu is 4 months younger than Monggu and he’s disobedient (T/N: The term he used litterally means tomboy so kfans kind of made fun of him because Jjanggu is a male)

Always being with our fans makes me really really happy!

Thanks to the people who follow us at the filming locations whenever we’re on stage and the ones who support us, I feel like I can go up on stage, dance and sing happily.

Please give even more love to EXO in the future~

I will make sure to always be a modest Kai ! Let’s be together forever~

source: EXO-K’s Official Website
translation cr; saphira @ exok-trans
please take out with full credits.


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