Annyeonghaseyo yorobum (EXOTICs)…. ❤ so sorry if i’m too late for updating NEWS/PICT/n other about EXO-K & EXO-M… because i’m still in college :))))

n so proud with CODE:EXO, International FORUM/FANBASE for EXO. All of update of this site source from CODE:EXO. I’m also upload Original posting from CODE:EXO without edit. if you wanna surfing at CODE:EXO FORUM, you must become member of CODE:EXO first with register your email n email for confirm your acc active 🙂

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i think enough today, sorry if i get mistaken, i’m really not FLUENT in English, but FLUENT in Bahasa. its just lil of me 🙂

thank for your attention 🙂 bye-yeom